Sunday, October 10, 2010

[Journey] game Raiders: My opinion on the plus point guard

I 197, anti-magic by 100 objects (only the magic of, not very useful, Mofang objects by 100, objects suddenly 28, 36 magic suddenly is not very good equipment, magic by with neglect epic attack pieces of 6 to 6 tie)

I am the guardian of the following additional points:

Warrior plus points

The basis of full, people know that this journey ~ ~ ~ ~

Armor +7 (Minato point with a smaller increase, I personally feel less useful)

King Kong tactics +7 (Minato point with a smaller increase, I personally feel less useful)

Laugh +7 (lower enemy attack against the large easy to use)

The thirst for vengeance +7 (beat bombing others can use +5)

Weapon parry + 7 (red side when regular cell block)

Technology Roar ban +7 (to deal with assassins, Master, guard use)

Intimidation +7 (beat escape skills, very useful copy)

Reckless +7 (Attack upgrade copies of fighting are good)

+7 Vampiric Aura (brush strange, copy, fighting less useful)

Cross swordsmanship +7 (brush strange skill to +5)

Light Divine Shield +7 (Fill not to say this)

No double dagger +7 (attack skill to +5)

God of War +7 protect weak hits Breaking tenacity (as if all the previous plus points for this skill ~~

A total of 216 skill points

Calls plus points

Psychic stick work, stick work master +7, call +1 earth spirit, Mirage +7 Behind

A total of 22 skill points

Starchaser little bow arrow

Master the armor (live material reduction equipment Mofang study, addition of iron than the magic bow and arrow Kai H), life enhancement, spell master +7, the rest of Minato, and finally the fire ring +1)

Just 38 points

Hockey can also be out to stab + 1, + 7 armor, broken arms fighting mad science magic

Can also be a double arrow, I never learned, do not know how repair

See the assassin, who first cut his wood, and then press A, if he did not open invincible, opened the bottomless on washing with gang skills, if you fly direct, it opened the Light and so he flew or invincible washed After the assault, ran to his side with a cut-off technology of the roar, and he will cut you ATC level, then you can double ignored by all the injuries took to beat him and has never died on the open invincible reckless (reckless, together with unmatched open can not afford to blood) ignore his thirst for vengeance, if not die also fried his blood, let him return with a Fantasy honeydew blood on, we also balance ah (*^__^*) hehe ... ...

Journey where no job is invincible, has its own advantages with disadvantages, mainly going with the operation of equipment, but said that under his own opinion, Do not take eggs thrown ah, after all, are Qiana O (鈭?_ 鈭? O ~

To thank all the brothers in the family (City of Fantasy, A Touch of Zen, Mei Mei, Kobayashi, eagle, Prince Edward, proud, Xuexue, peak less so; there once: Among the old hedgehog, God, Old Jiang, God, the stars, three feet, baby) Thank you for your support, thank you main fact Spike Desert Fox, a friend: Tsudo VS warrior, o0o Dragon VS in the days o0o, trying to get care


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