Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Legend of the case told a grand international arbitration claim was dismissed Wemade Results

Yesterday, reporter learned from the grand, and South Korea Actoz (legendary agent), and Wemade (legendary producer, Actoz subsidiary) entanglement of the three-year "Legend" business dispute came to an end, the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Court ruling, dismissed the Wemade of claims, and to determine its bear the associated costs; the grand and Actoz disputes have been resolved through other means.

It is reported that the dispute is a grand and South Korea and South Korea Wemade Actoz three legendary agency for the sky. First grand discovery "Legend" there are several technical flaws, then Actoz announced delays in the payment into a grand charge, and then a grand self-developed market, "Legend of the World", Wemade that infringement. Finally, in July 2003, three in Singapore to arbitration, their claims are in millions of dollars.

August 2003, Shanda and Actoz have resolved the "legendary" game business license disputes, and asked to suspend the arbitration. In this regard, Shanda spokesman Li Lijun said that back in August 2003, Shanda had to start paying into the cost, but Actoz signed with the grand "Legends 2" to extend the contract in China, 2004, Shanda had acquired Actoz38% in two steps stake, as its largest shareholder.

Wemade and Shanda and Actoz for arbitration between the Singapore International Commercial Arbitration Court that the "legendary" game business license resolution process, Actoz has been duly authorized representative of Wemade. Therefore, Wemade and Actoz to the grand claim was dismissed. Wemade charge of grand and Actoz from August 29, 2003 arising from the cost of the case.

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